The simplest way to sell your products and services to boaters

Your technology partner that digitalizes your business and helps you access millions of boaters worldwide.

Digitalize your business with a free Business Profile
Simply create your business profile on Boatmate and strengthen your presence in the digital world.
Increase your sales and grow your business
Be easily accessible by millions of boaters. Get new customers, increase your sales and grow your business.
Enhance your customer experience
Provide the best-in-class and end-to-end digital experience to your customers.

Outstanding Features

Boatmate is a large-scale technology platform that will transform and improve the technology maturity level of the recreational boating industry.

Be listed when boaters search your products and services at your service territory
Boatmate’s location-based marketplace allows you to be listed in your service territory. Therefore boaters at your service territory can find you easily once they need your products and services.
Digitalize your business, easily reach and engage with customers

Whether you’re a technical service, marina, restaurant or grocery store, your Boatmate profile helps customers do business with you easily and directly. Add any service request, booking, online shopping, requesting a proposal and live remote support options to your profile and let customers start doing business with you directly.

No more endless phone calls and manual tasks. With Boatmate, provide the best possible customer experience to boaters and interact with them digitally with ease.

The simplist way to collect payments
  • Secure your payment before delivering your products & services
  • Receive payments by sharing secure payment link (via SMS, Email)
  • Ready to go Mobile POS for your teams to accept credit card
  • Receive payments via QR pay
Manage your sales and operations from your desk
We know that business and operation management is hard. Boatmate helps you to manage your business and operations from a single platform.

What you can do with Boatmate?


Is a Business Profile on Boatmate free?
Yes, it is free to create your Boatmate Business Profile on Boatmate. We will be getting paid when you make sale and earn money, advertise on Boatmate, and want to use advanced features.
Why do I need to pre-register my business to Boatmate?
Boatmate is a managed marketplace that we enable boaters to work with reliable marine businesses. In order to do so, we have a pre-registration process to be able to evaluate businesses. It is important to maintain a reliable and sustainable partner ecosystem.
How do I register my business to Boatmate?
It is simple. Please click on pre-register button or click here. Easily create your account and complete your pre-registration form. Once you complete your pre-registration, we will be contacting you in 72 hours.
Can I get your assitance to set up my business account according to my needs?
Yes, we are more than happy to assist you. Please let us know your assistance request and your account manager will be assisting you to set up your business account.
When Boatmate App will be launched and we will start getting customers?
Boatmate will be launched at the beginning of May 2022. Which also means that this boating season will be great for all of us. Together with Boatmate Partners, we will be transforming the recreational boating industry.

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